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Are you a business startup or nonprofit with a weak website? You know you could meet your goals faster with a better site. What is holding you back — money, skills, time, or all three?

It’s not just money. You can afford an attractive site template from a do-it-yourself (DIY) tool like Squarespace or Wix or Weebly. But there’s that greeting card problem: What goes inside, and why? Tools themselves can’t teach you Internet marketing and user-based design. Without that knowledge, you will invest your time without a measurable return.

It’s not just skills, either. Folks are available to help: local companies know the web business and do good work. But you will need to commit money up front, and your time for a while. It is a dance you and your team do with a web shop until the music stops and you have to pay the piper again. It can be hard to make such a commitment.

There is another way. Our Web Development Clinic pairs student teams with clients like you. In a three-month, five-stage process, we’ll apply principles of Internet marketing and user-based design to make you a free WordPress site.

Could a free web clinic work for you? To learn more, read about Our Free-Clinic Model. If you think you’re a match, use the Free Web Consult button at the left of our pages to tell us. We’ll let you know whether we agree, and queue you for a consult if so.

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